6 Focus Areas

Flexible & Individualized Education

We offer great flexibility, allowing students choices in core and elective classes, based on interest and schedule. Many Elevated classes are thematic and offer students choices in reading and projects so that every student is engaged and sharing a love for learning with peers. Check out more details on our Innovative Courses & Curriculum page!

Elevated classes are taught live, at various times throughout the week, but also recorded, so your student never needs to miss important instruction. Join class via Zoom from your school-provided laptop. Login requirements ensure every student is protected as they join teachers and classmates from wherever they need to learn.

Elevated classes are taught as individual subjects, so your student can start learning at just the right level, building skills, diving deeper, and moving forward at the right pace. Several classes include a range of ages/grades, so students can engage in peer mentoring. Choices in literary books, nonfiction topics, projects, and how your student demonstrates genuine mastery of skills and knowledge enable every student to feel successful and take ownership of his or her education.

Our curriculum & instruction are designed to work well at home and on the go. We ship tech, curriculum, & hands-on materials right to you, ready to be used at home or packed up for family travel or a student who is on the go. 

Need advice on alternative curriculum? Have a curriculum you already love? Our Elevated Teachers will guide your student through offline courses, providing supplemental resources if needed and ensuring your student is making individual learning progress.

For our students facing physical, health, or learning challenges, Elevated can provide the flexibility needed to maximize their learning and ensure a positive experience. Learn more on our Learner Profiles page.