Learner Profiles

Learning elevated for every student!

Students who need to fall in love with learning.

Ashleigh is an 8-year old who loves stories and art. She is an advanced reader and is always reading outside of course-required books. Her confidence in math is low and so she struggles to enjoy or complete math assignments. She loves her Stories of Heroes (ELA 3-5). This month Ashleigh chose to read a book about Jane Goodall, as class is focusing on biographies and the assignment was to choose a personal real-life hero. She also enjoys her Communities Around the World (Social Studies/History 3-5) class and her Young Artists class. Her Elevated Cohort Teacher suggested a Love of Math class, which includes overall math strategies, grade level math skills, and short & fun stories about Mathematicians. Her math teacher uses games and real world projects to make math fun and meaningful. For her Science class, Ashleigh is growing a window herb garden and sharing photos during live class with other students.

Students who want to focus on their interests

Trevan is an 11-year-old who loves Science, Math, and Computers. He is on track for grade 6 reading standards, but is a reluctant reader and resists writing. His Wonders of Science Literature & Writing class is helping him build skills in reading, writing, listening & speaking using great books and assignments that connect to his interests. His teacher helped him design his end-of-unit project to demonstrate reading & writing skills while connecting to his interests in Science, Math, and Computers. His Math class includes stories about mathematicians that connect to the concepts being learned. His Science class, "Jurassic Planet" is a role-playing story through which grade level science topics and skills are learned and practiced. He also completes an asynchronous course in Computer Game Design, which meets in a live online lab twice each month, led by an Elevated teacher.

Students with learning or health challenges

Ethan is a 10-year-old who has an IEP for ADHD and some processing challenges.  He also has a sleep disorder that makes it very difficult for him to fall asleep until after midnight on many nights. His Elevated Cohort Teacher has guided him in choosing virtual classes that are held slightly later in the day, and she holds one-on-one meetings at least once each week to support Ethan staying on track and feeling positive about his learning progress. His class teachers, Cohort Teacher, and SPED teacher all work together to ensure he has a positive learning environment and help him learn how he learns best.

Your rising star or competitive athlete

Lilliana is 11 years old and trains for ballet several hours each week. In addition, she has show weeks and competitions that take up more time and sometimes include travel. She meets with her Elevated Cohort Teacher for just a few minutes each morning to start off her day with a plan that supports her academically and in her dance training. Her ECT reviews the day’s classes and assignments and make sure her backpack for on-the-go learning. She attends live virtual classes from home, on the go, and at the dance studio, using the school-provided laptop with dedicated internet access, and a backpack filled with curriculum and materials needed for that day. All of her live classes are recorded, and if she is unable to attend live, she watches the recordings and sends a short learning reflection and any questions to her class teacher.