6 Focus Areas

Learning in the Digital Age

We now live in a digital and globalized world. Our children are growing up in a world that will require digital skills to learn, work, and participate in society. We want to help your child build digital skills, gradually, in age-appropriate ways throughout their K-12 educational path. 

Elevated Charter School uses technology to teach, but also teaches students how to use technology as a learning tool, how to be safe online and protect their identity as well as themselves personally. Elevated teachers integrate digital literacy and safety into all classes. 

Elevated Charter School is dedicated to keeping every student safe online. Every student receives a laptop with dedicated internet access, guardian software and monitoring to protect your student. Each student logs into Zoom classes using a school-issued email and password, to ensure that your child is only interacting with Elevated students and teachers. Elevated Charter School employs software that protects your child’s identity and personal information at all times. 

Although our students learn in a virtual classroom, Elevated Learning is collaborative and includes hands-on activities. All students receive an Elevated Learning Kit, which includes curriculum and materials for hands-on practice and activities. No lecturing teachers or death by PowerPoint here! Teachers facilitate discussions, learning activities, digital tools, and games during class, follow up with hands-on personalized project choices, and opportunities for students to discuss learning with fellow Elevated students through secure discussion forums. Students have opportunities to use technology to share their personalized projects to inspire each other along our shared educational path.