6 Focus Areas

Virtual School Experience

Not just another online school! Elevated Charter School brings a virtual classroom into your home or wherever your student needs to learn. Elevated Learning includes real-time, virtual classes where students collaborate with teachers and peers, and Elevated Learning Kits with curriculum and hands-on materials.

Elevated teachers guide students, during live Zoom classes, in using math manipulatives, magnetic letters and word cards, science experiment materials, and materials to create crafts connected to learning. Learning activities in live classes include: small and whole group discussions, sharing learning and ideas, science experiments, building words with letter tiles and reading passages together, historical simulations, and games.

Follow up learning tasks (aka “homework”) include real-world applications, extended projects personalized by each student, reading student-chosen books, and practice through games and engaging curriculum provided by the school.

Elevated Charter School provides equitable access to quality education by providing each student with a laptop equipped with dedicated internet access, safety software & monitoring to protect your child, access to online educational resources and games, secure discussion boards, and Elevated Learning Kits with curriculum and materials for hands-on activities.

Your home, car, gym, field, theater, or travel destination … Our licensed teachers, tech, & materials!