How does the Lottery & Enrollment Process Work?

We are a public charter school, open to all residents of the state of Utah. 

For the 2024/25 school year, we are enrolling grades K-6.

We will be adding grades 7-8 in 2025 and high school in 2026. By the 26/27 school year, we will be open to all Utah residents in grades K-12.

Public charter schools in Utah are required to process enrollment through a lottery. Elevated Charter School is state-wide and so available to students from all Utah school districts. The number of applicants may exceed the number of spaces available, in which case, charter schools hold a lottery to determine admission. The lottery system allows each student to have an equal chance to enroll. When a student is chosen through the lottery, siblings of the applicant (within the same household) are also invited to enroll, provided there are openings. Our first lottery for the 24-25 was held January 9, 2024, and enrollment will continue to be offered to applicants as spaces become available.

Elevated Charter School does not discriminate in its admission policies or practices in accordance with Utah Code.  

Per Utah legislation 53G-6-502 Eligible students, Elevated Charter School will allow preferential enrollment to certain student populations, in accordance with state and federal law:

  1. a child or grandchild of an individual who has actively participated in the development of the charter school; 

  2. a child or grandchild of a member of the charter school governing board; 

  3. a sibling of an individual who was previously or is presently enrolled in the charter school for 24-25 school year

  4. a child of an employee of the charter school

  5. a child of a military service member 

Elevated Charter School continually enrolls new students, throughout the school year, as spaces become available. If your student does not get a space through the lottery, Elevated will reach out and ask if you want your student placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted again as spaces become available. Enrollment applications, for new students, need to be renewed for each new school year.

As a public school, Elevated Charter School is tuition-free to all Utah K-12 students. 

We do offer optional clubs that have materials fees, including: Art Club, Robotics Club, and Spanish Club. Families may apply for fee waivers. We want all students to have equal access to core learning and extracurricular clubs!

ASPIRE, Utah's Student Information System (SIS). Students are not fully enrolled until they have registered with ASPIRE. 

All Elevated students have 7 days, after accepting your Elevated spot, to enroll in ASPIRE.  We need students to complete ASPIRE registration, so that we can continue to fill spots and staff our school appropriately.

It's a simple and quick process. If we need additional information or documentation, we will reach out to you to arrange the best way to obtain that, but you can register with ASPIRE even if you don't have documentation handy at the moment. 

Upon accepting your spot, you will receive detailed instructions to register with ASPIRE. If you have any questions, we are here to help!