Everything you wanted to know about Elevated Charter School!

Beyond "online school", Elevated Charter School brings a virtual classroom to your student, in your home and on the go. Students participate, on a secure platform, in live classes that include collaborative discussions with classmates, interactive learning activities, use of hands-on materials, and games, just like an in-person class. Outside of live classes, students engage in secure discussion boards, digital learning resources, and personalized projects. 

Elevated Teachers are available outside of class sessions to answer student questions and provide needed academic support. 

Parents can use alternative curriculum and materials, and students have the option to learn offline and/or in outside classes (online or in-person), and Elevated Teachers are still available to support your students through live Zoom meetings and resources including digital games, board/card games, and supplemental learning products.

Elevated Charter School opens for K-6th Grade in 2024.

We will expand to K-9 in 2025 and enroll all K-12 students by 2026.

Enrollment for the 2024/25 school year is OPEN NOW!

We are currently enrolling K-6 Utah students.

Elevated Charter School enrolls students year-round as space is available.

Apply to Enroll

Students using UFAS funds, should not apply or enroll, but are welcome to register for classes, clubs, & field trips. 

Elevated Charter School fits many different families and students. Virtual learning is a great fit for families who want flexibility, want to travel without missing class or coming back to a pile of catch up work. Elevated is a great option for competitive athletes and performers, providing live classes, accessible teachers, and flexibility in completing assignments.

No more missing class due to illness, health concerns, bad weather, traffic, or all the other obstacles that can occur. Students have everything at their fingertips, at home or on the go. All live classes are recorded, so if students miss or need to review, recordings are available.

Elevated Teachers can customize assignments to not only accommodate your student's schedule, but create assignments that build grade-level skills incorporating content that connects to your student's interests and activities. 

Nope! Well, maybe if they love computers.

Each student's learning plan and schedule is designed in collaboration with your Elevated Cohort Teacher to meet your child's individual learning needs, outside scheduling needs, and family lifestyle.

If you need your students to be engaged most of the day, rest assured that Elevated's live and interactive classes are engaging, interactive, and hands-on learning, with fun wiggle, stretch, and game breaks throughout live class time.

Live class meetings are recorded and available to students to view later if they miss all or part of a live class or need to review. Additional resource videos are also posted on the secure Learning Management System, so that students have multiple ways in which to build skills and learn more about topics.

If your student has a busy schedule, they can complete assignments and projects offline with parent support or schedule a Zoom meeting with their Cohort Teacher or a subject teacher for guidance, academic support, or just chat. 

Is your student or family on the go? No problem! Students are provided with laptops with a 5G internet chip inside the computer, so they can log into live classes and access learning resources from anywhere.

Elevated classes require less sitting still than most classes, online or in person!

Students are welcome to stand up during class or sit in their favorite chair, or outside for some fresh air. Live classes include hands-on activities, games, short videos, discussions, and wiggle breaks. 

If students need a break, they simply mute and turn off their camera and take their own break. Hurry back for all the learning fun when ready!

Live class meetings are scheduled 1 or 2 times per week with scheduled breaks between class times. Students have flexibility in completing follow up assignments (homework) so they can learn at the best times for them. 

Well fed, well rested, well played kids learn the most effectively, and Elevated supports families in optimizing their students' learning.

Elevated's model is a great fit for students who are above or below grade level, in one subject or multiple subjects! Your Cohort Teacher works closely with you to create a Personalized Learning Plan that starts at the right place for your child, in each subject area. We want to challenge every student, while still building confidence and fostering a love for lifelong learning.

Elevated classes are not divided strictly by age or grade level, but by skills levels. Students are placed in classes based on skills, at a level that is challenging enough to be interesting but not frustrating. Many classes include a range of ages/grades, which facilitates peer learning and teaching and a more natural learning environment. 

Teachers can customize assignments to challenge students who are ready to work at a higher level or support students who need to build up some grade level skills. Students have choices in books to read, topics to explore deeper, and unit-end projects to inspire every student and help them succeed.

Your Cohort Teacher tracks grade level skills and provides support and resources as needed. Our focus in progress, not a finish line. Lifelong learning is our goal! Support can look like teacher Zoom meetings, digital software with games and activities, and board and card games shipped to you. 

Check out our Friday FunDays for in-person field trips and drop-in classes throughout Utah!

We want to build our learning community by facilitating in-person interactions between students and teachers and parents. Meeting in-person just once per week builds trust that carries into virtual classes.

Students can also use their "FlexFunds" with outside providers to take in-person classes, attend zoos, aquariums, museums, theater, and more.

Elevated Cohorts are organized by region to facilitate field trips and in-person events with your Cohort class. As our enrollment in various regions grows, we will form additional Cohorts within smaller geographic regions.

Elevated Charter School provides every student with a laptop or tablet equipped with 5G internet access and safety software. If you live in an area that has no internet access, our amazing Tech Team at ETS will work with you to ensure your student can access live classes and all digital  resources. 

Absolutely! Elevated's model works well for students who have special learning, behavior, and/or health needs. Your Cohort Teacher partners with you to create a learning plan that fits your child's needs. 

Many students who struggle to participate in other classes thrive when they can take their own breaks as needed, control the volume of the class for themselves, turn on closed-captions, and even learn from bed if needed.

Elevated has a wonderful SPED Director and Resource Teacher who will review your current IEP or 504, or help you determine if your student needs those supports. Many students attend SPED classes and one-on-one support through Zoom, but if your child needs in-person services then we can connect you with a provider near you.

Your students are "present" when they are engaged in learning, whether that is attending an Elevated class, an outside class, co-op, working on self-directed projects, or out learning at a zoo, aquarium, museum, or other activity. Elevated wants to create lifelong learners, by first helping students understand that learning happens everywhere!

Parents report attendance at the end of each "module", which is approximately every 6 school weeks, by digitally checking a box for each school day during that "module".

Like most things Elevated, students (and parents) have choices in how they demonstrate learning. Parents can choose 1 or more of the items listed below.

  • Elevated live classes include check ins, during which students can choose to show off a project they completed or something they learned. This is not required and students are never singled out for choosing not to share. At Elevated we want students to inspire each other and we focus on positive reinforcement.
  • Elevated facilitates Utah State Testing, which is a good for parents who want to know where their students are based on state grade level skills & content.
  • Elevated provides school-based assessments 3 times per year, which are set at each student's current level and adapt as they respond to questions. These are taken at home, where students are comfortable.
  • Families (all students in the same household and at least 1 parent) conference with their Cohort Teacher (via Zoom) at the end of each module, which is about every 6 school weeks or 6 times during the whole school year. Students can demonstrate learning during these conferences as they show off learning to their Cohort Teacher. Bring photos, videos, or anything fun your student is proud of or wants to share. These are brief conferences and intended to give your student an opportunity to shine in his/her individual way.
  • Parents can send their Cohort Teacher photos or projects or activities and/or samples of workbook pages, drawings, etc. throughout the year, and Cohort Teachers will create a Portfolio that is presented at the end of the school year to the student and parent. This is a wonderful way to see how much has been learned over the year.

Elevated seeks to educate the whole child to grow a love of learning, and to show students that learning happens everywhere.

Every enrolled Elevated student is issued a Chromebook with 5G internet included, access to Friday FunDay field trips and drop-in classes, and teacher support. 

In addition to all that, Elevated has budgeted $1500 per student in FlexFunds!

FlexFunds can be used for class materials, individual books & learning materials, outside/3rd-party classes, and extracurricular activities.