Governing Board

Jessica Ellis

Board Chair

Although I am not a traditional educator, for the last decade, all of my professional work has been in creating training and curriculum to inspire both children and adults to learn or to teach something new.

Mary Kavanaugh

Board Secretary

As a parent of children in the K-12 system I am able to see what they are doing and what is happening. I am also able to use that to see what is and isn’t working in that system and bring that back to the Board. 

Robert Marx

Board Treasurer

I consider being a member of the board of directors for Elevated Charter Academy as a further opportunity to give back, but instead of the private sector, to the rising generation of young students.

Tyler Nelson, MD

Board Member

Education is the key to unlocking the future. My own education has provided me numerous opportunities and I’m witnessing the same thing occur in the lives of my five children.