6 Focus Areas

Innovative Courses & Curriculum

Our unique approach to designing courses is based on how students learn most effectively based on their cognitive and social-emotional developmental phases. We use a combination of grade-level, standards-aligned curriculum and teacher-created learning activities and projects to create learning that is effective and enjoyable for each student. Live virtual classes guide students through learning in the curriculum and expand learning to real-world application, so students build core skills and content knowledge in ways that are immediately meaningful to their own lives and spark their interests. Some Elevated classes include a range of ages, so that students can learn at their level, whether that means receiving additional reinforcement of skills or being challenged above grade-level expectations.

Every family has an Elevated Cohort Teacher, who follows them throughout their Elevated learning experience. This allows your Elevated Cohort Teacher to get to know your student and build a relationship with your family, so they can effectively collaborate with parents and students to determine the right fit of classes and curriculum for each learner. Read about our course structure below and see our Course Catalog for even more details!
Grades K-2

Pathfinders are discovering pathways to learning, and our Elevated teachers are helping them navigate the first steps along their learning path. The focus in our Pathfinder classes is phonics, number sense, and understanding the basics of thinking historically and Scientifically. Pathfinder classes teach skills & content aligned with grades K-2, through instruction that focuses on developing initiative and providing gentle guidance, modeling, and a lot of positive encouragement. 

Grades 3-5

Explorers are curiously exploring new learning paths, led by their interests. They are developing the ability to think logically about concrete ideas as well as working ideas out in their head. Explorer classes teach skills and content aligned with grades 3-5, through instruction that focuses on building confidence, empowering students with learning strategies, and providing choices in reading and projects so students can engage in interest-led learning. 

Grades 6-8

Adventurers are boldly engaging in learning that has personal connection and figuring out their most effective learning styles and strategies. These students are ready for abstract thinking and hypothetical problem-solving. Adventurer classes teach skills and content aligned to grades 6-8, through instruction that helps students explore their personal identity & roles in society, provides engaging simulations, and choices in final projects so that students can demonstrate learning in ways that are personally meaningful.

Grades 9-12

Trailblazers are innovative owners of their education.  These students continue to engage in simulations of real-world problem-solving as well as design their own simulations in which classmates participate. Our high school students collaborate with their Elevated Cohort Teacher and a College & Career Counselor to set goals beyond their K-12 school experience and become owners of their education. These students have the option to take college prep classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, courses through colleges, and/or Career Training Education (CTE) classes.

Check out the COURSE CATALOG to see our amazing classes!

We believe in meeting students where they are and coaching them to build skills and knowledge at a pace that is challenging enough to be interesting and exciting, without being frustrating. Our classes encourage collaboration and learning from peers as well as teachers. 

Please reach out to us with any questions at ecsdirector@elevatedcharterschool.org or give us a call at 385-438-7482. We are here to support each family in customizing their student’s educational path.