Tyler Nelson, MD Tyler Nelson, MD

Tyler Nelson, MD

Board Member

Education is the key to unlocking the future. My own education has provided me numerous opportunities and I’m witnessing the same thing occur in the lives of my five children. 

Through youth sports, scouting, and church service, I’ve been actively coaching and mentoring youth for most of my adult life. 

Children come with a variety of learning styles and they deserve the ability to tailor their education to best meet their own needs. Elevated Academy is well-structured to provide that flexibility.

I currently sit on the board of St. George Regional Hospital which is a 284 bed not-for-profit level II trauma center. Over the past few years, I’ve worked collaboratively with other board members to make a variety of difficult decisions including navigating the recent pandemic. 

Additionally I am president of our HOA board which is also not-for-profit. When I took over the position, the HOA had recently suffered from years of mismanagement leaving the HOA unincorporated, uninsured, and out of money. I was able to correct the deficiencies in a timely manner and put the HOA back on solid footing. 

I am also actively involved in my church. I have served in multiple capacities there which have given me opportunities to teach, train, formulate budgets, and to motivate unpaid volunteers.