6 Focus Areas

Partnering With Parents

We understand that every family is unique and has different needs from their school and teachers. Elevated Charter School takes a holistic approach to supporting your student’s learning. We consider your student as an individual, but also your family as a whole. Do you need full support, with teachers who instruct and follow up with your child to help them stay on their educational path? Do you have the time and want to be involved in your child’s learning? Does your family want to travel and incorporate those experiences into your student’s learning? Partnering with parents means that we will meet you where you are and provide the amount of support your student needs, within the context of your family needs

Each family works closely with an Elevated Cohort Teacher. Cohorts include students within the same family or household, and are grouped by geographic region for potential in person meet ups! Your Elevated Cohort Teacher guides you through onboarding and preparing to start school on day 1, choosing classes and curriculum, answering questions as they arise, setting and supporting goals beyond our school. In addition to class teachers, your Elevated Cohort Teacher follows up with you and your students to ensure progress is being made, providing encouragement, and when needed resources for additional support. 

We want to help each family cultivate a culture of lifelong learning within their home, by providing updates from Elevated Teachers on what skills and content were covered in class each week, suggested questions and applications to continue learning into your child’s life and family, and responding promptly when your student or you have questions.